Russell Underhill – Executive Producer

Executive producer Russell Underhill started his career as a commercials director in South Africa.  He spent more than fifteen years represented by numerous production companies whilst based in South Africa, Europe and Australia. During this time he directed commercials for blue chip corporates around the world. As a director, his work has been internationally awarded on several occasions in New York, London, Africa and in South East Asia

In 2010 Russell established Propeller Film Services with the aim of nurturing young South African talent and also with a view to servicing dynamic, innovative commercials with an impressive host of renowned directors. At the same time he cut back on directing and now concentrates on running the business.

Russell’s creative background feeds into his entire approach as executive producer. He takes his role of mentoring young talent very seriously and consistently encourages people to excel well past conventional boundaries.  He is also very detail driven when it comes to providing directors and creative teams with all they need to fulfill their production promises to their clients. As a Propeller Group owner, he takes great care to deliver inspired work with productions that are closely supervised by a top team.
Russell brings knowledge, vitality, enthusiasm and vision to the Propeller Group.

As the company grows to include education, CSI, internet content and training, he has assembled a team of enthusiastic, knowledgeable people who are experts in their fields.

The culture of Propeller is one of positive, enthusiastic “can do” attitudes and Russell is no exception.

When he is not leading Propeller to greater heights he is contemplating cycling and sailing around Greece with his family.