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South Africa is well known as a prime destination for commercials, feature films and TV drama. Propeller Films prides itself on being a streamlined ensemble which provides superior production service for clients from around the world. Propeller Film Services is overseen by former commercials director Russell Underhill. After more than fifteen years as a director of award winning commercials around the world Russell “hung up his commercial 

directing gloves” and is now focused on supporting new talent as well as helping experienced directors achieve their vision. Being a director based company ensures that Propeller Films strives for maximum creative effort for your budget. This collaborative ethos has resulted in inspired work drawing on team strengths and talents. We apply the same principles to servicing work resulting in maximum production value without the fuss! We have 

a professional and experienced selection of top rate, leading producers. This guarantees a production process that is both efficient, reliable and enjoyable for our clients. Send us your brief with as much information as possible, and we will assign a producer the task of quoting the production for you. We will fly the extra mile for you and propel you to new heights!

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South Africa can provide just about any location you desire. Whether you are looking for desert, beaches, jungles, forests, green pastures, or modern architecture, we will make every effort to find it for you. We have an extensive database of locations. If required, we send out location scouts to support our quotations. 

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South African crew have been working on international productions for many decades and have built up a reputation as being amongst some of the most resourceful film crew in the World. Propeller Films has an excellent working relationship with local crewing agent and crew members. This allows us to ensure that we get the best deals for our clients with fairness being the guiding principle. For more information on standard hours for crew members please click here…



South Africa has a multicultural mix of actors and models. In addition to this, several hundred international models have chosen to make South Africa their home. This mix of talent ensures that the right ‘look’ can easily be found for any commercial or film. Propeller works with dedicated casting directors who are very helpful and proactive in finding the right cast - whether it be “street” casting or casting through established and renowned casting agencies.




Propeller Film Services has excellent relationships with all the major suppliers of camera, lighting aerial and other equipment. This means that we can source both specialized gear and other gear for our clients at great prices. If it’s helicopters, remote head cranes, tracking vehicles or any other equipment you may require we will get it for you!