After training as an editor in South Africa, Paulo Henriques moved to Europe ten years ago where he quickly established himself as a leading director.

He has been named Portugal’s top director for the last three consecutive years. He has also won a host of international awards including a gold at the New York Advertising Festival.

Paulo’s work includes a unique and vast range of subjects but he is particularly well known for his innovative work with 3D animation combined with live action. Audiences have recently delighted at his technical commercial for iconic brand Adidas, starring football player Joao Moutinho as well as his technically brilliant adverts for brands such as Phantom Tecno.

Paulo has worked with an array of high profile clients in Europe and Africa including Apple, Renault, Mercedes Benz, Pedras Mineral water, TMN Mobile, Eurobest, Unitel, Adidas, Amstel Malta and more.


Amstel Malta 'The Journey'

Techno Smart 'Phantom A+'

Mercedes Benz

Ipod Nano

Adidas 'Nitrocharge, Joao Moutinho'