Dr Jenni Underhill - Consultant: Education, Mentorship and Training

Dr Jenni Underhill has been involved in the field of academic development, mentorship and training for the past twenty years. She has worked extensively overseas in both Europe and Australia. She holds a PhD in Higher Education Studies and she has been published in numerous academic publications.

A recent focus of her work has been film education through collaborating with Film schools on their postgraduate development programmes. This has exposed her to the world of film and television production through the lens of emerging SA talent and training methods.

Dr Underhill brings all her experience to developing innovative mentorship and training programmes for the Propeller Group. These invaluable areas of development will shape projects with a focus on people development which includes young, emerging talent as well as existing talent. As a consultant Dr Underhill will also advise on the content for educational on-line programming.

In her spare time Jenni enjoys time with her two children and reading novels.