Russell Underhill
Executive Producer

Executive producer Russell Underhill started his career as
a commercials director in
South Africa.  He spent more than fifteen years represented by numerous production companies whilst based in South Africa, Europe and Australia. During this time he directed commercials for blue chip corporates around the world.

Melissa Thorne
Senior Producer

Melissa is, in a word dynamic, with a vibrant, magical spirit that that touches all she works with.

She has an extensive, impressive resume including work spanning over twenty-five years of producing in both commercials, feature films and reality TV.

350-JANE-ANNE copy.jpg

Jane-Anne Kokkinn
Production manager /
Line producer

Jane-Anne Kokkinn is someone you want on your team.

As a production manager and line producer (on smaller productions) at Propeller, Jane has over nine years of production experience that ensure her attention to detail and thoroughness.

Pheelo (PJ) Makosholo
Creative Director (Propeller Head Content)

As Creative Director of Propeller Heads Content, PJ is driving a new division that ignores all conventional boundaries by producing work that is heartfelt and honest for digital platforms. PJ is also mentoring and training new talent sourced from the “Young Propeller Heads” initiative.

Dr Jenni Underhill
Consultant: Education, Mentorship and Training

Dr Jenni Underhill has been involved in the field of academic development, mentorship and training for the past twenty years. She has worked extensively overseas in both Europe and Australia. She holds a PhD in Higher Education Studies and she has been published in numerous academic publications.

Nadine Smyth

Nadine Smyth is the force (and the brains) behind managing all-things-accounting at Propeller Films so that everyone else can focus on all-things-creative.

To this she brings years of experience and dedication. Nadine started out completing her Business Science degree at the University of Cape Town